<aside> ūüď£ As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business. Please read more about this and what to expect here.


<aside> ‚ö†ÔłŹ **Immediate Action Required to Correct Potential Burn Risk and Device Damage

A bug was discovered in certain LF2 and LF2+ firmware versions, which may cause permanent damage to your device and pose a fire or burn risk due to fan malfunction.

In order to safely use your LF2 or LF2+ device, the firmware on your device must be updated.

This issue does NOT affect LFC Devices.**

If you haven't updated to firmware version 2.1.23 or later:

If you have sold the device to another owner:

If you need assistance:

Unplug your device from the wall and contact [email protected] to schedule a discussion with a support representative.

Please follow and complete the step-by-step update procedure below


Firmware Update Workflow

In this article:

Firmware is the operating system of a Lightform embedded product.

ūüď£¬†Notice for LF2 and LF2+ users (only):

Before you begin

Your Lightform device's firmware has a host of features that allow your device to talk to the Lightform Creator Software, take scans, and do other cool stuff. It is essential to keep your firmware and software updated.

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