<aside> 📣 Lightform is no longer in business. Read more here.


<aside> ⚠️ For LF2 and LF2+ users, a firmware update is required to correct potential fire risk and device damage. Please complete the update procedure here to safely update your device to the latest firmware version (2.4.1). If you cannot update your device, unplug your device until you are able to update the firmware**.**


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Lightform Devices

Set Up Your Lightform Device

Device Name and Serial Number

Compatible Projectors for LFC and LF1

Connect to a Lightform Device

Wi-Fi Requirements

[Wi-Fi Pairing Workflow](https://lightform.notion.site/Wi-Fi-Pairing-Workflow-d8cfba2116cd48d597a95fe10380be9c)

Pairing Options

Utilizing the Test Card


Lightform Creator

Minimum System Requirements

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